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Are you looking for a digital product studio?

You're in the right place! CodeCanoe provides Rapid Application Development for custom software solutions. Modern software engineering on the web is our core business. This is what we do:

What are the ingredients of great software souffle?

Thanks 🙄, i'm craving for chocolate right now...

These are the things we put in our software to give it the extra flavour and make sure it's baked just right.


Communication of your vision to our team is key. We'll spend a good chunk of our time on every nitty gritty detail concerning your pain points. Structure in this process leads to success.


Software is useless when nobody knows how to use it. A good application is intuitive, self documenting, and clear, but extra help should always be just one click away.


Code is not only a tool to specify what we want from a distant cold server, but more importantly it is a means to communicate visually to every stakeholder in the proces: end user, engineer and product owner a like.


All the while everybody should be educated, we can all learn a lot from each other by sharing our experience.

Is software development like maths? Or more like psychology?

(Hint: the answer is psychology)

Traditionally software engineering was seen more as a exact science, speaking a language for machines. A transition is happening in which software inevitably pervades more and more into all domains of our lives. We feel strongly that software should adapt to the humans using it, rather than the other way around. That is why our company culture is founded on these values:


Our design proces is user driven, the customer is involved in every step along the way.


We immerse ourselves in your trade, your knowledge combined with our experience enables us to design and implement the complex business logic and processes in your domain.


We work together with excellent partners, but we can as easily adapt to a hosting service or design agency of your choice.


We put everything in place to make sure things keep running smoothly, so you don't ever have to worry.

What do Madagascar, Hawaii and Easter Island have in common?

(Even though they are half a globe apart)

Genetics and linguistics! The ancestors of those places were in fact polynesians whom arrived there more than 3000 years ago by canoe. These excellent craftsmen used there wisdom of the night sky to accomplish this great feat. The name CodeCanoe derives from this fact, and expresses our will to venture out, explore, and accomplish the unimaginable.

We try to emulate the philosophy of those ancient people who used every resource, knowledge and technique at their disposal in a very clever way. We are a purposely small company, but want to make a great impact, and modern technology enables us to do so. As a company we're not just an island on our own, but we are embedded in a larger community without whom our work would not be possible. We look beyond our borders to make our surroundings, albeit that of our customers, our technological partners or the open source movement, a better place.

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